Pathfinder Pirate Campaign

The Capture and Naming of The Jelly's Bane (A.K.A. Adriana's Folly)

Two days out of Westcrown, still disguised as a Cheliaxian Summoner and his entourage, the Crew manages to silently attack and incapacitate Lady Adriana, taking her prisoner for questioning later. After a bloody battle with the first mate and the rest of the crew of The Rose Thorn, our Heroes manage to Seize control of The Rose Thorn and set sail towards the neutral waters of Absalom.

They question Lady Adriana and discover that the reason she betrayed Captain Izak and the crew of The Sickle, was that Izak was preparing for a suicide mission into the heart of cheliax. He was doing this because he felt that if successful he could end the War between Cheliax and Andoran. After the interrogation Lady Adriana, then managed to escape from the ship and has not been seen since.

After several battles with roaming hoards of jellyfish the Crew reached Absalom where they renamed the ship and started recruiting a pirate crew. Once they had a crew and a newly painted and renamed ship they decided to set sail to the south to start raiding the infamous Okeno Slavers.

Escape from Westcrown

After seeing the rest of the crew slaughtered by devils, The surviving crew of the pirate ship The Sickle was seized by the cheliaxian navy and thrown into prison in the dreaded city of westcrown. They do not know the reason why they were spared and the rest of the crew killed or whether The Sickle was destroyed after they were seized but they do know that they must escape quickly.

The Crew easily escapes from their chains and fight with the prison guards. while in the dungeon they rescue four fellow prisoners. A baker named Sel, A bandit named Stian, A cleric named Aldus and a philosopher named Illario. After defeating a Summoner and his guards, they made their way out of the prison and into the city of Westcrown

Disguising themselves as the summoner they killed, they sneak into the cheliaxian navy headquarters of Castle Westcrown and there they prepare to steal the newly commissioned ship, The Rose Thorn. As they prepare to convince the captain of the Rose Thorn to set sail, so that they can more easily steal it, they discover that the captain is no less the the Ex-First Mate of The Sickle, Lady Adriana

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